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Pop's Pop's

0.100u3 [David Haywood]


- The difficulty selection screen appears for a moment just after pressing the start button. popspops0103u1gre1 king_krm

- If you play the game with player1 and made a wrong answer you will get the screen as shown in image 1. And if you do the same thing with player2 you will get the screen as shown in image2. popspops0103u1gre2 king_krm


- 0.101u3: Sonikos fixed some dips in Pop's Pop's. Added dipswitches 'Demo Sounds', 'Free Play', 'Difficulty' and 'Coinage'.

- 0.100u3: Added Pop's Pop's (Afega 1999).

- 24th September 2005: David Haywood - We thought that Pop's Pop's (Afega 1990) was missing the Sprite roms, but it may just not use sprites. This is a Wheel of Fortune style game, but it seems to tell you the answer before each round... I'm not sure it should be doing that. Thanks to Mame Italian Forum for helping with this.


Romset: 4992 kb / 7 files / 1.75 zip