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0.57 [inside out boy]


- A lower interleave causes some sounds to miss, different interleave values change random elements eg position of falling logs, it may be enough to synchronise the cpus on read/writes to the 0xdd00/0f range.

- It's possible that the two score rows shouldn't be overlaid or shouldn't be drawn at all times, the only time there is anything underneath is the colour bars on the startup screen.

- On odd/bonus levels the chars are not aligned with the sprites when the pylons are initially drawn (too low) resulting in the top 3 pylons being black, as the pylons move up the screen the chars go out of alignment again (this time too high) for a single frame to show another glitch.

- Front to back ordering of object/enemy sprites appears wrong.

- On even levels the front most balloon carrying new enemies swaps between the left and middle one, clipping to 16 pixel strips solves this but causes other obvious sprite drawing errors.

- Balloon sprites not displayed on high score entry due to the way videoram is being drawn, possibly trying to create a stencil effect.

- Bursting a balloon on bonus levels just before dying from a log causes a sprite glitch for a few frames and then a 9999 point bonus.

- Reads from 0xffff appear to be a harmless bug in the code that initialises memory blocks for enemies on odd levels, it goes on to read from 0x001f, 0x003f, 0x005f, 0x007f in the rom before giving up.

- A reset while a game is in progress or with credits inserted shows a "sorry!! over run" message instead of the test screen during startup, looks like the game assumes the reset was caused by the watchdog after a hang/crash and is apologising to the player for the loss of their game.

- Title screen sprite colour glitch in lower right corner of the large pylon when an even level was shown before, caused by the game trying to colour the top of the pylon in the same way as for odd levels.

- Enemies stop moving on even levels on rare occasions.

- Enemy sprites entering from the bridges on odd levels are clipped by a few pixels at the top, this would happen even without the overlay as the first few rows of videoram are high priority solid chars most of the time.

- Unknown 0xe002 writes, on for title and level 2 off for all else, looks to be graphic related.

- Bottom of screen is scrappy on odd levels, amongst other things the sprites leave early, screen size could be clipped tighter or there could be some special handling needed, possibly tied to the 0xe002 writes.

- The game freezes in much the same way as the stop dip switch when the coin inputs are high (a short PORT_BIT_IMPULSE duration will still cause a hitch), so potentially there's a coin lockout mechanism.