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0.37b2 [Martin Buchholz]


- The Poly-Play has a simple bookmarking system which can be activated setting Bit 6 of PORTA (Summe Spiele) to low. It reads a double word from 0c00 and displays it on the screen. I currently haven't figured out how the I/O port handling for the book-mark system works.

- Uniquely the Poly-Play has a light organ which totally confuses you whilst playing the automaton. Bits 1-5 of PORTB control the organ but it's not emulated now.


- Driver by Martin Buchholz, Juergen Oppermann and Volker Hann for electronical assistance, repair work and ROM dumping and Jan-Ole Christian from the Videogamemuseum in Berlin, which houses one of the last existing Poly-Play arcade automatons. He also provided me with schematics and service manuals.


- 0.37b2: Added polyplay.c driver.

- 18th April 2000: Martin Buchholz sent in a Poly-Play driver (the only arcade machine ever produced in GDR, the former East Germany) with thanks to Juergen Oppermann, Volker Hann and the Videogame Museum in Berlin (especially to Jan-Ole Christian) - without them, the driver would not have been reality.