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0.37b2 [Martin Buchholz]

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- 0.93: Changed Custom sound to Samples.

- 5th January 2003: Stefan Jokisch cleaned up the Poly-Play driver.

- 0.54: Changed palettesize from 64 to 10 colors.

- 0.37b2: Martin Buchholz added Poly-Play (VEB Polytechnik Karl-Marx-Stadt 1985). The Poly-Play has a simple bookmarking system which can be activated setting Bit 6 of PORTA (Summe Spiele) to low. It reads a double word from 0c00 and displays it on the screen. I currently haven't figured out how the I/O port handling for the book-mark system works. Uniquely the Poly-Play has a light organ which totally confuses you whilst playing the automaton. Bits 1-5 of PORTB control the organ but it's not emulated now. Very special thanks to the following people, each one of them spent some of their spare time to make this driver working: Juergen Oppermann and Volker Hann for electronical assistance, repair work and ROM dumping. Jan-Ole Christian from the Videogamemuseum in Berlin, which houses one of the last existing Poly-Play arcade automatons. He also provided me with schematics and service manuals.

- 18th April 2000: Martin Buchholz sent in a Poly-Play driver (the only arcade machine ever produced in GDR, the former East Germany) with thanks to Juergen Oppermann, Volker Hann and the Videogame Museum ( in Berlin (especially to Jan-Ole Christian) - without them, the driver would not have been reality. The copyright holders do not seem to exist anymore.

Romset: 36 kb / 36 files / 26.4 zip