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0.59 [Aaron Giles]


- Flip screen not supported


- Police Trainer v1.3B runs on the same revision PCB as Sharpshooter - Rev 0.5B. If you hold the test button down and boot the game, all program roms fail the checksum. However, each checksum listed matches the checksum printed on the ROM label. This has been verified on an original PCB.

- Police Trainer v1.0 (Rev 0.2 PCB), the checksum results in MAME have been verified to be the same as an original PCB.

- Differences in versions of SharpShooter: Initial High Score names are changed between v1.1 and v1.2. Circus of Mystery: The ballon challenge has been rewritten for v1.7. Jugglers throw balls painted with targets for v1.1 & v1.2 Version 1.7 uses regular targets. Alien Encounter: First saucer challenge has been modified for v1.7.


- 0.98u3: Aaron Giles minor cleaned up the Police Trainer driver.