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PlayMan Poker (German)

0.108u3 [Roberto Fresca]

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- How to play Golden Poker Double Up: 1st GAME - Insert coin / bank note. Push BET button, 1-10 credits multiple play. Push DEAL/DRAW button. Push HOLD buttons to hold cards you need. Cards held can be cancelled by pushing CANCEL button. Push DEAL/DRAW button to draw cards. 2nd GAME - Double Up game. When you win, choose TAKE SCORE or DOUBLE UP game. Bet winnings on "BIG (8 or more number)" or "SMALL (6 and less number)" of next one card dealt. Over 5,000 winnings will be storaged automatically.


- 0.112: Roberto Fresca added clone Golden Poker Double Up (Mini Boy). Added color prom ($0).

- 2nd February 2007: Roberto Fresca - I fixed the palette issue for Golden Poker Double Up. The 'missing' color code was found in another offset. Also added a new Golden Poker Double Up set that came from an original Bonanza's Mini Boy cabinet (thanks to Harun Basalamah that kindly dumped his board).

- 20th September 2006: Dumping Project - Purchased Joker Poker (Greyhound Elec.. several different versions). Thank go to the fivepeople who recently donated after the last request. A special thanks goes to Kevin.

- 0.108u5: Roberto Fresca added the missing gfx2 roms ($0, 800, 1000) to PlayMan Poker (Germany). Changed description of 'Big Boy' to 'Golden Poker Double Up' and the game to a clone of PlayMan Poker. Renamed (bigboy) to (goldnpkr). Added clones Jack Potten's Poker and Joker Poker.

- 14th September 2006: Roberto Fresca - After hard work, I hooked all the inputs. These are different for both games. PlayMan Poker have buttons with more than one function, while Golden Up Double Up have all functions separately. Also fixed the 'Half Gambling' option. Now both sets are completely playable. I accidentally inverted two colors when translating the palette to a better organized format. Here the changes for a side-to-side comparison.

- 14th September 2006: Roberto Fresca - I hooked all the inputs. PlayMan Poker have buttons with more than one function.

- 12th September 2006: Roberto Fresca - Some days ago, I submitted a preliminary driver for PlayMan Poker mostly based in the program roms analysis, since the dump was quite incomplete and lacks of technical references. Haze added a set called Big Boy to this driver, which apparently has missing the 3rd plane of 2nd graphics bank. Fortunatelly the 'undumped' roms appeared. Also a nice pic of the PCB... The Big Boy set, is in fact 'Golden Poker Double Up' from Bonanza Enterprises, and suspected to work on this hardware. Since there's not a dumped color PROM for these games, I simulated the colors recreating the palette from the scratch following the color RAM codes. Colors are now accurate and were based on some shots and flyers, thanks to Dan (TAFA) that kindly sent me hi-res scans of this game flyers. Also found more than half of the inputs (no hold buttons yet), making this game partially playable.

- 0.108u3: Roberto Fresca added PlayMan Poker (Germany) (PayMan? 198?) and David Haywood added Big Boy (Bonanza 198?).

Romset: 21 kb / 8 files / 12.5 zip