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Pit Fighter (rev 9)

0.93u2 [Pierpaolo Prazzoli, MAN]

0.36b1 [Aaron Giles]


- I've noticed a small graphic glitch with Pit-Fighter Rev. 5 in MAME. During the TY intro sequence, it shows a fast 'flash' gfx glitch that seems to be a bad rom dump or something like that, because in pitfigh3 and pitfigh4, the TY intro sequence is perfect. pitfight099gre Roger Coltrane

- The game 'pitfight' is inserting 2 coins (pitfight, pitfighj, pitfigh3, pitfigh4, pitfighb) or 1 coin (pitfigh3, pitfighb) when you start it up for the 1st time. Follow-up by Augusto: With 125% overclock in CPU 0 this problem is "fixed". pitfight0109u2gre Roger Coltrane / Tafoid / Augusto

- When you enter Pit-Fighter (Rev.5 - 3 player), the game adds 2 coins automatically. pitfight0106u3ora Roger Coltrane

Possible Bugs:

- Clone pitfighb: Set pitfighb flashes a message below upon startup: Rom at 000000 error U L B74E. pitfighb0109u2gre Tafoid


- 0.114: Couriersud added general save state support to the atarijsa and atarigen modules.

- 0.109: Canim removed coin slot 3 from Pit Fighter.

- 0.105u4: Aaron Giles added PLD dumps to Pit Fighter. Added plds ($0, 200, 400, 600, 800, a00, c00, e00, 1000 - gal16v8a-136081).

- 0.93u2: Pierpaolo Prazzoli and MAN added Pit Fighter (rev 5). Renamed (pitfight) to (pitfigh4).

- 6th February 2004: Aaron Giles fixed the recently introduced errors in Hydra, Pit Fighter and Escape Kids.

- 4th February 2004: B. S. Ruggeri submitted an input fix for player 2 and 3 controls in Pit Fighter.

- 0.72: Added clone Pit Fighter (Japan, 2 players).

- 17th July 2003: Aaron Giles added a Japan version of Pit Fighter.

- 0.66: Added proms ($0, $200, $400 - Microcode for growth renderer).

- 0.53: Added clone Pit Fighter (bootleg).

- 3rd August 2001: Aaron Giles added the bootleg ROM set to the Pit Fighter driver.

- 30th July 2001: Aaron Giles finally ironed out the last Slapstic bugs, fixing Pit Fighter and Rampart for good.

- 0.37b15: Changed M6502 CPU2 clock speed to 1789500, YM2151 to 3579000 and OKI6295 to 9037 Hz.

- 6th April 2001: Aaron Giles fixed a bug in Hydra and Pit Fighter, which caused crashes in MAME32.

- 0.37b8: Changed palettesize from 1024 to 1280 colors.

- 0.36RC1: Changed 68000 CPU1 clock speed to 14318180 Hz, M6502 to 1789772 Hz, YM2151 to 3579545 Hz and OKI6295 to 9039 Hz.

- 0.36b1: Aaron Giles added Pit Fighter (version 4) (Atari Games 1990) and clone (version 3).


Category: Fighter

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