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Pig Out: Dine Like a Swine! (set 1)

0.37b3 [Aaron Giles, Paul Leaman]

0.35b9 [Paul Leaman]


- 0.37b3: Added Pigout (Leland 1990) and clone (alternate).

- 15th May 2000: Aaron Giles finally submitted the Leland driver first started by Paul Leaman, adding the following games: Cerberus, Mayhem 2002, World Series, Alley Master, Danger Zone, Baseball The Season II, Super Baseball Double Play Home Run Derby, Redline Racer, Quarterback, Strike Zone Baseball, Viper, John Elway's Team Quarterback, All American Football, Ironman Stewart's Super Off-Road, Ataxx, World Soccer Finals, Pigout and Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat.

- 0.35b9: Paul Leaman added Pigout (Leland 1990) (Testdriver) and clones (Japanese) and (Japanese Alt).

- 8th March 1999: Paul Leaman has begun work on a Leland games (Pigout, Super Offroad etc.) driver, but at the moment it doesn't do anything more than goes to the self-test.

LEVELS: 20 (endless)


- There once was a widow named Kate. Whose jellies and jams were first rate. At the County Fair. They would always declare. Her preserves were the best in the state. She had 3 little pigs she loved dear. Wherever she went they wear near. Because of their size. They'd win first prize. At the County Fair contest this year. Al owned the meat marker in town. He was evil, mean and low down. If Kate wasn't there. I'd win the fair. He sneered to himself with a frown. The night before the big show. Al sank to a new all time low. The three pigs he nabbed. Kate's jelly he grabbed. And hid them so no one would know. But the pigs escaped from Al's shop. And they knew they'd better not stop. The runaway ham. Is now on the lam. 'Cause pork is $6.50 a pop! The pigs' only chance to survive. Is to get to the fair grounds alive. Collect all of Kate's jelly. And put food in their belly. To be nice and fat when the arrive.


(How to Dine Like A Swine)

- Eat food to get Calories (Points).

- Collect all of the jelly jars to end a round.

- Avoid Big Al, the Wolf Pack and other bad guys.

- Pick up Cans, Boomerangs and Bowling balls to thow.


(Wisdome for Pigs on the Run)

- Avoid deadly Bear traps!

- A Superman sign makes Pigs temporarily safe.

- Chocolate makes pigs go faster.

- Umbrella protects from falling objects.

- The sign [*2] doubles calorie score.

- Cans for coins at vending machines.


Romset: 1256 kb / 28 files / 527 zip