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Contra (PlayChoice-10)

0.37b6 [Ernesto Corvi]


- 0.37b6: Ernesto Corvi added Contra (PlayChoice-10) (Konami 1988 (Nintendo license)).

- 4th August 2000: Ernesto Corvi sent in a fully working Playchoice 10 driver with support for Excite Bike, Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, Pro Wrestling, Rush N' Attack, Contra, The Goonies, Ninja Gaiden and Super Mario Bros 3.


- Alien Intruders have crashlanded in the Amazon jungle. Evil life form Red Falcon is trying to conquer the world! Only 2 special forces Elite Commandos can stop it!


- Press A to Jump. Press B to Shoot. Use Control to determine the direction of your Jump/Shot.

- Control Down = Lay down, Control Down+A = Climb down and Control Up = Move Forward in zone 2 and in zone 4.

- Power Up by shooting Flying Capsules or Pill Box Sensors then pick up falcon symbols. Falcon Power and Items: M = Machine Gun, L = Laser, F = Fire Ball, R = Rapid Fire, S = Spread Fire, B = Force Field and ? = Mass Destruction.

- Fight your way to the 8th and final Level for a shot at the evil Red Falcon. Good Luck!


Category: Army Fighter

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Romset: 137 kb / 4 files / 91.2 zip