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Pang Pang

0.105u1 [David Haywood]


- You can't select anything except the first stage on the 'select a stage' screen.

- If you get a high score then your entry in the high-score table will be corrupt.

- There is a chance that both of these are bugs of the original game, it is just a cheap hack of Tumble Pop afterall. The board doesn't work so it's impossible to test.

- The sound is driven by a read-protected PIC, as is the case with the tumblepb2 bootleg. I've simulated the sound in tumbleb2 and am using the same simulation code in pangpang, although pangpang has a few extra sounds which are not mapped. As the board does not work the accuracy of the sound simulation cannot be verified.


- 0.105u1: David Haywood added simulated PIC16C57/OKI6295 sound for Pang Pang.

- 6th April 2006: David Haywood - The 'Level Select' screen in Pang Pang doesn't seem to let you actually select anything apart from Level 1, and the High Score table seems rather broken. Assuming those aren't emulation bugs they are pretty ridiculous. Anyway, I've fixed the background colours, although the game does appear to have a severe identity crisis, it doesn't seem to know if it wants to be Tumble Pop, or Bubble Bobble. You suck thins up with your laser gun, but when you shoot the enemies they turn into bubbles. The PIC was read-protected so no sound for now. Note the High Score table (which doesn't even work properly) still has DECO in it.

- 5th April 2006: David Haywood - Another game where most of the code has been copied straight from Tumble Pop. It's called Pang Pang, there are some issues with the background graphics and it has a PIC (which could be read protected) driving the sound hardware. Thanks again to the guys over at the Mame Italian Forum.


Category: Platform 2

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Romset: 3084 kb / 12 files / 1.27 zip