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0.01 [Allard van der Bas, Nicola Salmoria]


- The mystery items in Ali Baba don't work correctly because of protection

- Make Trax has a "Special" chip that it uses for copy protection. In practical terms, it reads from Special when it reads from location $5040-$50FF.

- The piranha board has a sync bus controler card similar to Midway's pacman. It stores the LSB of the interupt vector using port 00 but it alters the byte to prevent it from running on normal pacman hardware and vice versa. Naughty Mouse uses the same board as Piranha with a different pal to encrypt the vectors. Incidentally we don't know the actual name of this game. Other than the word naughty at the top of the playfield there's no name. It shares some character data with the missing game Woodpecker, they may be related.

- Needed dumps: Eeeek!, Ms Pac Plus, Ms Pac Man Twin and MTV Rock-N-Roll Trivia (Part 2), 1 bad rom. It's not a bad dump, the rom is bad.


- pacman.c pacman.c notes: Here are some notes about pacman.c from dwidel: Pacmod (harder?): Not harder, has a patch to remove checksum failure, changes copyright to 1981, changes nickname to ghost. Pacgal: I have 4 pacgal boards, they all use the normal 4a not the crush roller 4a. Also the only significant difference between pacgal and the mspac bootleg is the name change and removal of "Midway Mfg Co". It should probably be removed under the current policy of culling redundant bootlegs. Piranha: I have seen lots of these boards and the current roms are not the usual ones. The only version I've seen has Eyes' encryption, different music and intermissions, uses interupt mode 2 and is protected to prevent it being run on a pacman board. The protection is not very good however. pacmanc056ora dwidel


- 0.113u2: Changed VSync to 60.606061 Hz.

- 0.111u3: Nathan Woods and Aaron Giles updated input port tokenization for MESS. Added support in MAME for "configuration" switches which are separate from DIP switches. These can be used to configure aspects of the game that don't correspond to DIP switches. Modified pacman.c to use configurations to control the speedup options. Removed '2x Speed Cheat' dipswitch.

- 0.110u1: Aaron Giles added flip screen offsets needed with new video parameters in the pacman.c driver.

- 0.109u4: Aaron Giles updated documentation in pacman driver to reflect actual sync chain. Fixed sound frequencies for 2650 conversions.

- 0.101: Aaron Giles wired up save state support for all the games in pacman.c and marked all games as GAME_SUPPORTS_SAVE.

- 0.93: Added clock parameter to Namco sound (96000 Hz).

- 0.90u4: smf updated the Pac-Man and Pengo driver. pacman, pengo, jrpacman use the same tile/sprite decode and palette decode & sprite rendering. Renamed pengo sound & video hardware to pacman as it was used their first, converted to use tilemaps, merged memory maps, added rom mirroring to pacman & moved any game that needs another rom into another map, tidied up the mirroring in the S2650 games, moved jrpacmbl back into pengo.c and grouped the GAME() lines by hardware and then year. Changed gfx2 to gfx1 ($1000, $1800...) and changed palettesize to 32 colors in all games. Added vidhrdwpacman.c

- 0.89u6: Changed S2650 CPU1 clock speed to 1536000 Hz in Driving Force (Pac-Man conversion), Eight Ball Action (Pac-Man conversion) and Porky.

- 15th May 2002: Stephane Humbert fixed inputs and dipswitches in the Metro, Pac Man and Volfied drivers.

- 0.37b12: Changed VSync to 60.606060Hz.

- 30th January 2001: Dave Widel wrote a Shoot the Bull driver.

- 31st December 2000: Dave Widel has written a driver for Jump Shot.

- 24th February 1999: Zsolt Vasvari added another Crush Roller set to the pacman driver.

- 19th December 1999: Marco Cassili fixed Paint Roller dipswitches.

- 26th April 1999: Zsolt Vasvari sent in a Pacman driver with support for "Ali Baba and 40 Thieves".

- 0.35b3: Merged maketrax.c with pacman.c driver.

- 0.30: Added maketrax.c driver.

- 0.13: Merged crush.c with pacman.c driver.

- 0.04: Nicola Salmoria defined a generic interrupt_vector_w() function, this makes the Pac Man driver tinier (look at pacman/machine.c, it's now there only to handle the cheat).

- 0.01: Added crush.c and pacman.c driver.