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Out Zone (set 1)

0.104u5 [Tormod Tjaberg]

0.97u5 [Quench]

0.35b13 [Darren Olafson]


- In stage 6 there are two blank box on the background. Here is a save state. outzone0111u2gre ArcadeNUT


- 0.113u4: Changed VSync to 60Hz.

- 0.104u5: Added Out Zone (set 1). Renamed (outzoneb) to (outzonec), (outzonea) to (outzoneb), (outzone) to (outzonea).

- 0.103: David Haywood added clone Out Zone (set 3). Fixed 'Territory' dipswitch and removed 'Unknown' dipswitch.

- 0.97u5: Aaron Giles swapped Out Zone (set 1) with (set 2) - the other set was a newer revision with more secret bonuses, refined sound effects and a real ending instead of a few text lines.

- 0.61: Changed VSync to 55.161545Hz.

- 0.37b13: Changed Out Zone (bootleg) to Out Zone (set 2).

- 0.36b8: Quench added clone Out Zone (bootleg).

- 27th October 1999: Quench added another Outzone romset to the Toaplan driver.

- 12th July 1999: Marek Olejnik fixed a tile priority rendering bug in Out Zone.

- 31st May 1999: Carl-Henrik Skarstedt and Darren Olafson fixed Outzone graphics priority (helps after the second level).

- 0.35b13: Darren Olafson added Out Zone (Toaplan 1990).

- 16th May 1999: Marco Cassili fixed Outzone dips.

- 15th May 1999: Darren Olafson sent in the Toaplan driver with Outzone and Truxton support.

- 5th March 1999: Brad Oliver updated the Toaplan driver, graphics now use palette reduction (16-bit video mode not needed).


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Romset: 1825 kb / 11 files / 925 zip