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Operation Thunderbolt (World)

0.37b11 [David Graves]


- Show the gun targets with F1.

- Press F2 + F3 to enter test mode. Press after the Test screen key 2 and to calibrate the guns press 2 again. Now calibrate the guns for P1 and P2. Values for both players are UPPER LEFT:X=FF,Y=00---CENTER:X=80,Y=80---LOWER RIGHT:X=00,Y=FF. To write the EEROM press again 2. Jump with F2+F3 back to the game.


- The background layers above the status indicators seem to be offset to the left, you can tell by looking at the far right of the screen where there is a empty black section of the background and there are sprites appearing over the black space (see snapshot). othunder074u1gre2 Nerox91


- 0.106u12: MASH added plds ($0, 200, 400, 600 - plhs18p8b-b67-09.ic15, pal16l8a-b67-11.ic36, pal20l8b-b67-12.ic37 and pal20l8b-b67-10.ic33) to Operation Thunderbolt and clones.

- 0.94u2: Aaron Giles fixed Operation Thunderbolt sound clipping.

- 0.94u1: Aaron Giles removed unused filters in Operation Thunderbolt.

- 0.93: Added audio Volume_Filter.

- 0.90u4: Added Operation Thunderbolt (Japan) - region byte change. Nicola Salmoria emulated the external volume and panning control (from schematics), fixed garbage graphics on startup with a kludge (othunder074u1gre) and the wrong plane graphics at the end of the game (othunder074u1gre3) - completed the game three times and it's not doing it anymore. Changed 68000 clock speed to 13MHz and added 'Stereo Separation' and 'Discounted Continue' dipswitches to clone (US).

- 0.87u3: Fabrice Arzeno added clone Operation Thunderbolt (US, older).

- 0.37b11: Added Operation Thunderbolt (World) and clone (US).

- 31st January 2001: Insideoutboy added target crosshairs to Operation Thunderbolt.

- 23rd December 2000: Gerardo Oporto fixed dip switch settings in Operation Wolf / Thunderbolt and the dual screen games.

- 11th November 2000: David Graves sent in preliminary Operation Wolf / Operation Thunderbolt drivers, however only Operation Thunderbolt works.


- An airplane which is carrying american people is hijacked. The terrorist group notifies authorities that if terrorist prisoners are not released within 24 hours, american hostages will be punished by death. The hijacked plane lands at Karubia Airport in Africa, and american hostages are hidden in several different places. The head of the C.I.A calls on Roy Adams, the man who performed the "Operation Wolf" mission in south america one year ago, to rescue the american hostages. Roy goes into action again, this time with a fellow Green Beret, Hardy Jones.


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Category: Army Fighter 3

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Romset: 4674 kb / 17 files / 1.7 zip