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OutRunners (World)

0.104u8 [Arzeno Fabrice]

0.67 [Jason Lo, R. Belmont]


- 0.111u1: Robiza fixed EEPROM saving in OutRunners.

- 0.104u8: Arzeno Fabrice added OutRunners (World). Renamed (orunners) to (orunneru).

- 0.86u4: Curt Coder changed name to "OutRunners" as per title screen and flyers.

- 0.68: Changed visible area to 832x448. Added dual monitor dipswitch.

- 9th April 2003: David Haywood fixing the title screen in Outrunners.

- 0.67: Added Outrunners (US) with Sega 315-5560 "MultiPCM" sound chip emulation.

- 4th April 2003: Jason Lo submitted major improvements to the Sega System Multi 32 driver, Hard Dunk and Outrunners are playable though they have a few graphics glitches. David Haywood fixed the row scroll / row select in Outrunners.

- 31st January 2003: R. Belmont sent in a very preliminary System 32 Multi driver in which basically only the MultiPCM sound works, nothing else.


Category: Racing 3D

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Romset: 26368 kb / 17 files / 11.66 zip