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0.37b11 [David Graves, Jarek Burczynski]


- Need to verify Opwolf against original board: various reports claim there are discrepancies (perhaps limitations of the fake Z80 c-chip substitute to blame?).

- There are a few unmapped writes for the sound Z80 in the log.

- Unknown writes to the MSM5205 control addresses.

- Raine source has standard Asuka/Mofflot sprite/tile priority: 0x2000 in sprite_ctrl puts all sprites under top bg layer. But Raine simply kludges in this value, failing to read it from a register. So what is controlling priority.


- Driver based on MAME Rastan, Taito F2 driver and Raine source.

- Operation Wolf uses similar hardware to Rainbow Islands and Rastan. The screen layout and registers and sprites appear to be identical.


- 23rd December 2000: Gerardo Oporto fixed dip switch settings in Operation Wolf / Thunderbolt and the dual screen games.

- 7th December 2000: David Graves sent in a working Operation Wolf driver done by him and Jarek Burczynski.

- 11th November 2000: David Graves sent in preliminary Operation Wolf / Operation Thunderbolt drivers, however only Operation Thunderbolt works.