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0.62 [David Haywood, Paul Priest]


- Fix some priorities for some tiles

- Verify the parameters for the guns (analog ports)

- Figure out year and manufacturer (NOTHING is displayed in "demo mode", nor when you complete ALL levels !)

- Sound too fast in Maddonna?

- Layer order register?


- The YM3812 is used only for timing. All sound is played with ADPCM samples.

- It doesn't seem possible to make 2 consecutive shots at the same place! Ingame bug or is there something missing in the emulation ? Several gun games are like this, changed the driver so it doesn't try

- Gun X range is 0x0000-0x01ff and gun Y range is 0x0000-0x00ff, so you can shoot sometimes out of the "visible area" ... NOT A BUG !

- Player 1 and 2 guns do NOT use the same routine to determine the coordonates of an impact on the screen : position both guns in the "upper left" corner in the "gun test" to see what I mean.

- I've assumed that the shot was right at the place the shot was made, but I don't have any more information about that (what the hell is "Gun X Shift Left" REALLY used for ?)