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Ironman Ivan Stewart's Super Off-Road

0.37b3 [Aaron Giles, Paul Leaman]

0.35b11 [Paul Leaman]

0.35b9 [Paul Leaman]


- To enter service mode, press the blue nitro button (3P button 1) and then press the service switch.


- Gameplay seems a little bit slow, and it's not because of my computer. Note the clock speed. I've just got back from playing an actual, totally unmodified, slightly damaged original PCB and... MAME is right! The clock is a little screwy in the real thing! Probably due to some buggy timer, or setting things to 50HZ instead of 60 or something. El Condor


- 0.37b3: Aaron Giles and Paul Leaman re-added 'Ironman Stewart's Super Off-Road Track Pack' (Leland 1989). Changed I186 CPU3 clock speed to 8MHz.

- 15th May 2000: Aaron Giles finally submitted the Leland driver first started by Paul Leaman, adding the following games: Cerberus, Mayhem 2002, World Series, Alley Master, Danger Zone, Baseball The Season II, Super Baseball Double Play Home Run Derby, Redline Racer, Quarterback, Strike Zone Baseball, Viper, John Elway's Team Quarterback, All American Football, Ironman Stewart's Super Off-Road, Ataxx, World Soccer Finals, Pigout and Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat.

- 0.35b12: This game was removed from MAME.

- 0.35b11: Paul Leaman added Super Off-road Racer.

- 0.35b9: Paul Leaman added Super Off-Road Racer (Leland 1989) (Testdriver) and clone (Track Pack).

- 8th March 1999: Paul Leaman has begun work on a Leland games (Pigout, Super Offroad etc.) driver, but at the moment it doesn't do anything more than goes to the self-test.

Category: Sprint

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Romset: 1128 kb / 23 files / 468 zip