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0.86 [Ville Linde]


- 0.114: Konami NWK-TR update [Ville Linde]: Improved the LANC board emulation. Improved the graphics board emulation so that it passes all the self-tests.

- 0.113u4: Ville Linde improved the K001604 ROZ layer emulation.

- 0.113u2: Zsolt Vasvari updated Voodoo-based games to use the new video timing code and newer MAME timers.

- 0.112u3: Ville Linde improved the K001604 tilemap chip emulation.

- 0.110u3: Ville Linde added support for multiple K001604 chips. Hooked up sound emulation.

- 0.99u2: Ville Linde reworked the SHARC internal ram implementation so that multiple instances of the core work and added data address space. Updated Konami zr107, gticlub, nwk-tr and hornet to work with the SHARC changes.

- 0.97u1: Progress on the Konami PowerPC drivers [Ville Linde]. Cleaned up and consolidated common hardware. Hooked up ADSP-21062 and 3dfx chips. Initial reverse-engineering work on the K001005 custom 3D chipset in GTI Club. Initial NVRAM values plugged in for many games (they're used as a crude protection, similar to the EEPROM on GV System). No games are playable or even show much yet, but nearly all of them do pass POST now.