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Night Stocker (set 1)

0.36b5 [Aaron Giles]


- This is the first game to combine the shooting genre with the driving genre (shooting as in "Operation Wolf" and not as in "Road Blasters"). The cabinet has a steering wheel and a gun.


- 11th June 2003: Brian A. Troha fixed the dipswitches in Night Stocker.

- 0.36b5: Aaron Giles added Night Stocker (Bally/Sente 1986).

- 6th September 1999: Aaron Giles sent in a huge Bally/Sente driver, with Chicken Shift, Gimme a Break, Goalie Hhost, Hat Trick, Mini Golf, Night Stocker, Off the Wall, Rescue Raider, Sente Diagnostics Cartridge, Snacks'n Jaxson, Stocker, Street Football, Toggle and Trivial Pursuit. There are still more games running on this hardware.


- Capture green crystrals for 10 shots.

- Capture red crystals for shield repair.

- Capture blue crystals for 50 shots.

- Enemies are: Idors (1000 pts), Dyads (1500), Mark III's (1000), Drosians (1500), Mark VII's (2000), Cruisers (8000), Bouncers (300), Speeders (4000), Zarks (5000). Gazers(6000), Nukes (9000), Smarts (100) and Mines (100).

LEVELS: 16 (endless)

Category: Racing 2

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Romset: 200 kb / 13 files / 68.1 zip