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Noah's Ark

0.102u5 [David Widel]


- Video appears to be aligned too far to the right side showing a solid line on far left side of the screen. - gregf Looks like correct behavior to me. I'm assuming if the screen was properly adjusted it wouldn't show up (see screenshot). dwidel


- 0.102u5: Added Noah's Ark (Enter-Tech 1983).

- 16th December 2005: Dave Widel - Added Noah's Ark. The object is to get the pair of animals into the ark before the water get to the boat on each levels. I play that at Chucky Cheese one time. That machine is little when I play it back then. Kids love this game. It is free to play without putting any coins in to play when I play it back then. It must been on free play. Unless this is a different dump from a different machine?

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Romset: 45 kb / 13 files / 21.3 zip