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0.37b10 [David Graves]


- Verify 68000 clock rates. Unknown sprite bits.

- Ninjaw: "Subwoofer" sound filtering isn't perfect. Some enemies slide relative to the background when they should be standing still. High cpu interleaving doesn't help much.

- Darius 2: "Subwoofer" sound filtering isn't perfect. (When you lose a life or big enemies appear it's meant to create rumbling on a subwoofer in the cabinet.)


- The driver based on the F2 driver and Raine.

- Hardware: Taito triple screen games operate on hardware with various similarities to the Taito F2 system, as they share some custom ics e.g. the TC0100SCN.

- The multi-monitor systems had 2 or 3 13" screens; one in the middle facing the player, and the other 1 or 2 on either side mounted below and facing directly up reflecting off special semi-reflecting mirrors, with about 1" of the graphics being overlapped on each screen. This was the only way to get uninterrupted screens and to be able to see through both ways. Otherwise you`d have the monitors' edges visible. You can tell if your arcade has been cheap (like one near me) when you look at the screens and can see black triangles on the left or right, this means they bought ordinary mirrors and you can't see through them the wrong way, as the semi-reflecting mirrors were extremely expensive.


- 0.112: Brian Troha added DIP locations to the ninjaw driver.

- 8th March 2001: David Graves adjusted the Darius 2 and Ninja Warriors drivers to include support for the low pass filter.

- 7th March 2001: Andrea Mazzoleni improved the mixer system to include an adjustable low pass filter, which will be used with the Darius 2 driver.

- 10th February 2001: Gerardo Oporto fixed dip switch settings in the Ninja Warriors driver.

- 4th December 2000: David Graves added support for a third Taito TC0100SCN chip emulation.

- 1st December 2000: David Graves updated the TC0100SCN Taito chip emulation to support extra wide tilemaps, making Darius 2, Ninja Warriors and Warrior Blade playable.