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Night Striker (World)

0.53 [David Graves]

Possible Bugs:

- nightstr, possibly others: It sounds like as the effects/music in e.g. nightstr plays only on one side (music left, sfx right)... nightstr055gre Iron Man


- 28th August 2001: David Graves updated the Taito Z driver fixing crashes in Night Striker.


- A.D. 2049, in a futuristic Metropolis.... We found Dr. Lindvery Maska, a world-wide authority of laser optics who has been mussing for some time has been captured with his beloved daughter by a mysterious underworld organization which is based somewhere in the Orient. There seems to be come connection with terrorist outrage which have recently occurred in asian countries. The intelligence division of the special service agency of the United Nations has dispatched intelligence men to find out the details, but no men have yet returned. The only information obtained is that this mysterious organization has developed special weapons in their secret factory..... Knowing the importance of this matter, Dick Dagras, the head of the Special Service Agency, is commanding a Special Task Force to rescue Dr. Maska and to destroy this organization. This elite troop, which is made up of experienced brave soldiers who control special armored motorcars and are experienced in difficult tactics, are a special service agency of the united nations, alias Night Striker.

Other Emulators:

* Raine


Category: Racing 2

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Romset: 8204 kb / 29 files / 3.22 zip