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Nibbler (set 1)

0.10 [Nicola Salmoria, Brian Levine]


- In clone 'nibblera' starting at level 32 you must complete each level on one life. If you die, you'll have to start it all over again. In 'nibbler', you don't. When you die, you simply pick up where you left off (at least as far as level 53).


- When you die, on the pcb there is a big and long loud explosion until the snake disappear completely. In mame there is a synth sound and there is a flebile white noise which is not correct. Note: The pcb is an original snk one. Comment from Derrick: A lot of games that use the noise source in sound chips, do not have the final filter hooked up. This is the case for nibbler. And no, I'm not looking at it yet. If multiple stream input into the discrete system is ever added, then the filter can be easily added. I attempted the stream input, but I suck at ** type pointer code. There is not enough beer in the world to make me remember how it works. nibbler0103u3gre Kold666 / Derrick Renaud / Gyrovision


- 0.87u2: Costa Sgantzos added clone Nibbler (Olympia).

- 0.84u1: David Haywood added clone Nibbler (set 3).

- 0.81u5: Curt Coder correct ROM names for Nibbler from manual.

- 0.81u4: Curt Coder hooked up SN76477 sound in Fantasy, Nibbler and Pioneer Balloon, correct CPU frequency from schematics, merged memory maps, cleaned up driver a bit, fixed dips and enabled debug inputs. Changed M6502 CPU1 clock speed to 1411125 Hz, removed Vanguard sampels, added SN76477 sound and fixed dipswitches.

- 0.36b7: Added Custom sound.

- 3rd April 1999: Valerio Verrando added a Nibbler bootleg.

- 0.33b1: Nicola Salmoria added clone Nibbler (alternate). Added sound rom G960-45.53 from the alternate version to Nibbler.

- 0.31: Brian Levine made better sound in Nibbler.

- 0.28: Nibbler and Fantasy have sound, using the Vanguard driver. Nibbler and Vanguard are back to (hopefully) normal speed.

- 0.23: Mirko Buffoni fixed Nibbler colors (100% correct colors ?), but he remember the Nibbler hairs were Green versus Purple. Maybe he played a bootleg version.

- 0.10: Nicola Salmoria added Nibbler (Rock-ola 1982). This is the second 6502 game supported by MAME. Interesting hardware: no sprites, two playfields and it uses RAM for character generation (redefining the characters to animate the worm). Issues: What is the clock speed of the original machine? Nicola currently using 1Mhz. Some input bits seem to be used as debug controls - quite interesting, but Nicola haven't investigated yet. One ROM fails the power on test, but the game seems to work well - maybe it's a bootleg?


- Clear each maze before time runs out.

- Nibbler does not stop at corners and do not let Nibbler bite itself

- Extra Nibbler every 4 waves.

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Romset: 51 kb / 16 files / 17.4 zip