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0.65 [Takahiro Nogi]

0.37b8 [Takahiro Nogi]


- Inputs slightly wrong for the LCD games. In those games, start 1 begins a 2 players game. To start a 1 player game, press flip (X).

- Animation in bijokkoy and bijokkog (while DAC playback) is not correct. Interrupt problem?

- Sampling rate of some DAC playback in bijokkoy and bijokkog is too high. Interrupt problem?

- Input handling is wrong in crystalg, crystal2 and nightlov.

- Some games display "GFXROM BANK OVER!!" or "GFXROM ADDRESS OVER!!" in Debug build.

- Screen flip is not perfect.


- The blitter can copy data both in "direct" mode, where every byte of the source data is copied verbatim to video RAM *twice* (thus doubling the pixel width), and in "lookup" mode, where the source byte is taken 4 bits at a time and indexed though a lookup table.

- Video RAM directly maps to a RGB output. In the first version of the hardware the palette was 8-bit, then they added more video RAM to have better color reproduction in photos. This was done in different ways, which differ for the implementation and the control over pixel color in the two drawing modes.


- 0.106u10: David Haywood added dualscreen (512x224 and 2x 480x64) support to the Mahjong games: bijokkog, bijokkoy, housemn2, housemnq and livegal.

- 0.104u7: Tatsuyuki Satoh fixed key input problems in many of the Nichibutsu Mahjong drivers.

- 0.86u2: Takahiro Nogi fixes vidhrdw/nbmj8688.c to add mmsikaku and livegal.

- 0.65: Changed mjsikaku.c to nbmj8688.c driver (Nichibutsu Mahjong games for years 1986-1988).

- 25th January 2001: Takahiro Nogi sent in a huge update to the Nichibutsu Mahjong driver. Several bugs and graphical errors have been corrected, and the following games are added: Pastel Gal, Mahjong Nanpa Story (old version), Mahjong Final Bunny, Mahjong Hyouban Musume, Mahjong Uranai Densetsu, Mahjong Koi no Magic Potion, Mahjong Pachinko Monogatari, Medal Mahjong Janjan Baribari, Mahjong Bakuhatsu Junjouden, Mahjong Gal 10-renpatsu, Mahjong La Man, Mahjong Keibaou, Medal Mahjong Pachi-Slot Tengoku, Mahjong Sailor Wars, Mahjong Sailor Wars-R, Bishoujo Janshi Pretty Sailor 18-kin, Bishoujo Janshi Pretty Sailor 2, Disco Mahjong Otachidai no Okite, Nekketsu Grand-Prix Gal, Mahjong Gottsu ee-kanji, Mahjong Circuit no Mehyou, Medal Mahjong Circuit no Mehyou, Mahjong Koi Uranai, Mahjong Scout Man, Imekura Mahjong, Mahjong Erotica Golf and Niyanpai.