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NBA Showtime / NFL Blitz 2000

0.91u1 [Aaron Giles]

HardDisk required


- 0.103u3: Changed ADSP2104 CPU2 clock speed to 16MHz, removed 4x DMA-driven DAC sounds and fixed dipswitches.

- 16th January 2006: Aaron Giles - Took a decent amount of hacking, but I'm finally into the attract mode in NBA Showtime. The game crashes out pretty quickly and there are other problems, but at least now I can verify that the CHD dump is good (and it is).

Romset: 544 kb / 3 files / 163.7 zip

Harddisk: 4110.4 MB (Heads: 15, Cylinders: 8908, Sectors: 63 - Compressed: 750.9)