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NBA Jam (rev 3.01 04/07/93)

0.34b7 [Alex Pasadyn, Zsolt Vasvari, Kurt Mahan]


- When you the glass shatters in the arcade (rarely happens when dunking). The game is suppose to slow down. The doesn't seem to happens in the MAME version. nbajam37b5gre AxE

Possible Bugs:

- nbajamte, possibly other nbajam games: When playing and just selecting the Suns as is, so you are Majerle. When playing stats will be shown at the end of the half and end of the game. While playing with Majerle, his stats will be shown for Barkley. So if you take two shots with Barkley, Majerle's stats will show two shots. Then the oppisite is true, if you take 60 shots with Majerle, Barkley's stats will show 60 shots. I have not checked it with other teams or switching the players, ie having the CPU control Majerle. nbajamte064gre Pubily2


- 0.63: Changed visible area to 400x254.

- 10th October 2002: Aaron Giles fixed the NBA Jam sounds by removing some speedup hacks, as a result the driver will be much slower.

- 1st August 2000: Jim Hernandez fixed the volume balance in the NBA Jam games.

- 0.37b5: Added clones NBA Jam TE (rev 1.0 01/17/94), (rev 2.0 01/28/94) and (rev 3.0 03/04/94). Fixed rom loading and changed visible area to 395x254.

- 19th July 2000: Aaron Giles rewrote the Williams 34010 games' protection simulation.

- 4th July 2000: Aaron Giles finally sent in the Williams 34010 driver worked on by him and Ernesto Corvi. Mortal Kombat revision 5 works, Narc revision 3 works, Mortal Kombat II works (without sound though) and NBA Jam (plus Tournament Edition) both work with sound.

- 28th June 2000: More progress was made on the Williams 34010 driver by Aaron Giles and Ernesto Corvi, fixing the T-Unit version of Mortal Kombat 1 almost completely and adding sound to NBA Jam (and Tournament Edition).

- 27th June 2000: Aaron Giles finally fixed the protection issues in Mortal Kombat 2 and NBA Jam, but graphics glitches still remain and sound is not emulated.

- 0.36RC2: Added clones NBA Jam (rev 2.00 02/10/93) and NBA Jam TE (rev 4.0 03/23/94).

- 4th March 2000: Guru - Plugged the roms for NBA Jam Rev 2.0 & NBA Jam Tournament Edition into the MAME driver and guess what? A very early WIP of MAME running these games... I've sent the driver to Nicola so it can be fixed up and added officially. NBA Jam TE is not playable yet.

- 27th February 2000: Guru - Dumped NBA Jam Rev 2.00 and NBA Jam TE (which is a ROM upgrade kit for NBA Jam).

- 0.36b16: Added Custom sound and changed VSync to 53.204948 Hz.

- 0.36b7: Changed TMS34010 CPU1 clock speed to 6250000 Hz.

- 0.35b2: Changed M6809 CPU2 clock speed to 8MHz and visible area to 399x256. Replaced the 3x DAC sound with 1x DAC.

- 0.34b7: Alex Pasadyn and Zsolt Vasvari added NBA Jam (Midway 1993) (not working).

Category: Basketball

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Romset: 10368 kb / 21 files / 6.06 zip