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NBA Hangtime (rev L1.1 04/16/96)

0.37b12 [Guru]

0.37b5 [Aaron Giles]


- 0.81u5: Asure added clone NBA Maximum Hangtime (rev 1.03 06/09/97). Renamed clone (nbamaxht) to (nbamht1).

- 0.74: Changed ADSP2105 clock speed to 10MHz.

- 0.63: Changed visible area to 400x254.

- 0.37b12: Added NBA Hangtime (rev L1.1).

- 18th January 2001: Guru re-submitted the Wolf Unit driver with NBA Hangtime added.

- 26th December 2000: I dumped (and added to Mame) another Midway game called NBA Hangtime. This is the parent game of NBA Maximum Hangtime which drops very nicely into the MAME driver with very little effort.

- 24th December 2000: Guru added NBA Hangtime to the Wolf Unit driver.

- 0.37b5: Aaron Giles added NBA Maximum Hangtime (rev 1.0) (Midway 1996).

- 27th July 2000: Aaron Giles and Ernesto Corvi submitted the Williams Wolf Unit driver, which supports the following games perfectly with full sound: Mortal Kombat 3, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, NBA Maximum Hangtime, 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge, Rampage: World Tour and WWF Wrestlemania.

Category: Basketball

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Romset: 25600 kb / 26 files / 16.21 zip