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Narc (rev 7.00)

0.34b7 [Alex Pasadyn, Zsolt Vasvari, Kurt Mahan]


- The first time you run the game, it will say 'DEFAULT ADJUSTMENTS RESTORED'. Press F2 to enter test mode and exit to start.


- When you go into test mode and try to change a setting (like violence level), the screen may go black, but the game still runs... Note from TriggerFin: I was able to change 3 settings before this happened. Updated by Kitsune Sniper in 0.105:I messed around with the settings for a while and nothing happened. But then I changed the coinage settings and not all of the screen turned black, most everything faded -except- a part of the text that told me how to enter each menu. Once I went into another one, the text faded. narc055gre RingoWillyCat / TriggerFin / Kitsune Sniper

- narc (and clone): When in test mode, if you peform the synthesizer sound board test it reports 3 tones-ROM error U5 (occasionally I'll get 0 tones-no response check U5), upon completing the test, the sound board crashes, and all background sound is gone. But if you leave it alone and don't test the board, synth sound works fine in test mode and in game. Update: Now when performing the Synth Board self test, it no longer crashes the sound. The Synth board still isn't responding to communication. But instead of returning '3 Tones - ROM Error check U5' it returns '1 Tone - Synthesizer OK/Check J2 Cable'. So its improved some. See results. narc37b16yel Suppi-Chan

Possible Bugs:

- The last background layer seems to be missing a 'texture': it's a solid bright color now, eg. in level 1 it's bright blue, and level 3 it's bright magenta. narc055gre2 Jonemaan

- On the bridge level, you hear dog bark sounds all throughout the level, though they only appear visually for a brief moment. narc080u1gre Ekstreme

- I have played this game with the final release, and I have noticed that there is a background noise all the time since the image is loaded. Probably a HC55516 sound problem. narc36finalgre Lord Caos / Suppi-Chan

DIP/Input Bugs:

- Changing the language dip switch doesn't do anything. narc060gra DCisTHEbest


- 0.101u1: Fixed cpu2/3 roms addresses.

- 0.63: Fixed gfx1 roms addresses and visible area to 512x400.

- 0.37b5: Added clone Narc (rev 3.20). Changed visible area to 512x401.

- 17th July 2000: Aaron Giles submitted an update for the Williams drivers with perfect sound in Mortal Kombat II (thanks to Ernesto Corvi!) and fixed crashes in Narc.

- 15th March 2000: Aaron Giles fixed Narc from freezing.

- 27th February 2000: Aaron Giles fixed Narc from crashing.

- 0.36b16: Added Custom sound.

- 0.36b91: Added Narc (rev 3.00) (Testdriver).

- 0.36b9: Changed TMS34010 CPU1 clock speed to 6MHz and YM2151 to 3579580 Hz.

- 0.36b7: Aaron Giles rewritten the HC55516 CVSD decoder. This affects Sinistar, Joust 2, Arch Rivals, Pigskin, Tri-Sports, Smash TV, Trog and Narc.

- 0.35b2: Added HC55516 sound and removed 1x DAC.

- 0.34b7: Alex Pasadyn and Zsolt Vasvari added Narc (Williams 1988).


Category: Cops

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Romset: 4736 kb / 70 files / 2.64 zip