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0.37b16 [Mark McDougall, R. Belmont]


- Hardware: Namco ND-1

- Contributions from James Jenkins and Walter Fath


- The Video Display Controller Yamaha YGV608 is far from complete. There's enough here to emulate Namco ND-1 games. Some functionality is missing, some is incomplete. Also missing for ND-1 is rotation and scaling (cosmetic only). It could also do with some optimisation for speed!

- TODO: (soon) Create tilemaps at vh_start time and switch between at runtime mark tiles dirty when VRAM is written to instead of dirtying entire screen each frame.

- T.B.D: (not critical to ND-1) - Rotation, Scaling, Split-screen scrolling by row (by column supported) (see test mode) and everything else!


- Loading a save state with -autosave doesn't work for the namcond1.c games with error: Fatal error: activecpu_get_info_int() called with no active cpu! (src/cpuintrf.c:1055). autosave0109gre Firewave / startaq


- 0.106u7: Aaron Giles fixed a heavily flicker in ncv1 and ncv2 (vidhrdwygv608.c).

- 0.99u9: Aaron Giles removed tilemap_dispose call and fixed the two drivers that were using it. This fixes improper save state registrations in megasys1 and namcond1/ygv608 games.

- 0.99u1: cync fixed several problems in the H8/3002 core. Improves sound in Namco System 12 and ND-1.

- 16th July 2001: Mark McDougall optimized the Namco ND-1 driver.