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0.67 [R. Belmont, Phil Stroffolino, Acho Tang, and Nicola Salmoria]


- Metamorphic Force's intro needs alpha blended sprites.


- Hardware: These games are the "pre-GX" boards, combining features of the previous line of hardware begun with Xexex and those of the future 32-bit System GX (notably 5 bit per pixel graphics, the powerful K055555 mixer/priority encoder, and K054338 alpha blend engine from System GX are used).

- Driver: Assists from Olivier Galibert, Brian Troha, Guru, and Yasuhiro Ogawa.


- 0.99u1: R. Belmont fixed all the mystwarr.c games so they pass their service mode mask ROM tests, with the exception of Metamorphic Force (it gets hung up on the road generator ("LVC") test for some reason). He also fixed a crash in the driver games.

- 0.98u1: Mamesick fixed inverted stereo channels in the mystwarr.c driver.

- 12th May 2003: Acho A. Tang improved the Mystic Warriors and Konami GX drivers again, fixing graphics priorities, shadows and blending in various games.

- 22nd April 2003: Acho A. Tang converted the Mystic Warriors and Konami GX drivers to different drawing routines that will allow more improvements later on.

- 22nd March 2003: Nicola Salmoria fixed the ROZ layer placement, orientation, clipping and enable in the Mystic Warriors driver. Acho A. Tang fixed the sprite brightness and improved the priorities in it.

- 21st March 2003: Acho A. Tang fixed various graphics glitches in Mystic Warriors, Kyukyoku Sentai Dadandarn, Metamorphic Force and Gaiapolis. R. Belmont improved the graphics in the aforementioned drivers.

- 12th March 2003: R. Belmont sent in an update to the Mystic Warriors driver, making Metamorphic Force playable with some graphics glitches, and making Violent Storm work somewhat but it still suffers from unemulated protection. Additionally, Ultimate Battler Dadandarn! worked already in yesterday's update but has major graphics glitches. Brian A. Troha and Guru fixed some ROM names in the Mystic Warriors driver.

- 11th March 2003: R. Belmont sent in a driver for Mystic Warriors hardware games supporting Mystic Warriors and Gaiapolis.