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Magical Tetris Challenge (981009 Japan)

0.91 [Guru]


- These are N64 based, skeleton driver only with board layouts. Maybe more useful to N64 emulator authors.


- 0.111u6: Ville Linde fixed Magical Tetris Challenge - Game now playable.

- 0.108u5: Major updates to the Nintendo 64 based driver [Ville Linde]. Fixed input and visible area to 640x240.

- 14th August 2006: Ville Linde - I hooked up the inputs and fixed some graphics bugs in Capcom's Magical Tetris Challenge. There are still some graphics bugs, but the game seems to be running OK.

- 0.106u1: Replaced Custom sound with 2x DMA-driven DAC.

- 27th January 2006: Ville Linde - Magical Tetris Challenge now shows the standard Capcom test menu.

- 0.102u5: Changed user1 rom to user2, user2 to user3 and user3 to user4.

- 15th August 2003: Guru - Received a DoctorV64jr 256M N64 backup unit (thanks to EFX). After 2 days of messing around, I managed to dump the Magical Tetris Challenge PCB. This means I can dump the Aleck64 carts too.

- 29th July 2003: Guru - I've discovered that the main board of Magical Tetris featuring Mickey is virtually identical to the Aleck64 main board I had a while ago. It also turns out that the ROMs used on it are the same kind of serial PROMs that are used in the Aleck64 carts, which just happen to be identical to the ones used in standard N64 carts.

- 28th July 2003: Guru - Received Magical Tetris Challenge Featuring Mickey from Pelle.

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Romset: 17409 kb / 3 files / 11.51 zip