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Last Battle (Mega-Tech)

0.72u2 [?]


- All is not well with the world! A great war had devastated the land and a nefarious power had established an empire where the good people were treated like slaves. But there was hope. The mighty Aarzak and his two companions Alyssa and Max Banded together to reclaim their homeland. Using the secret martial art of Jet-Kwon-Do, Aarzak went to battle against the duke, master of Tae-Kung-Fu. In the end Aarzak was victorious and peace reigned in the land. However before the battle was over. Gromm, Gross and Garokk, the three strongest and most evil warriors escaped. For 3 years the trio schemed plotted to get back in power. One day they staged a surprise attack on the capital city. Alyssa was captured and taken to the land of the unknown. Aarzak followed the trail of Alyssa's captors to the ultimate savage land, where he prepared to fight the 3 seemingly invincible foes. After a fierce battle, Aarzak was able to defeat Gromm. However, in the midst of the fighting Alyssa was taken by this captors to another location. In his quest to find Alyssa, Aarzak met his brother Gross. Some time ago Gross lost his memory and as a result he turned to a life of violence. To save Alyssa, Aarzak was forced to fight his brother. Luckily good triumphed over evil and Aarzak was able to restore Gross' memory. However there was one last battle yet to be fought. Garokk, the most powerful enemy had to be defeated. There is a secret to defeating Garokk which is contained in the sealed legacy of the creator of Jet-Known-Do. After much thought Aarzak was able to break the seal and learn how to defeat Garokk. Even with this knowledge the fighting continued for days. Yet in the end Aarzak prevailed and Alyssa was rescued. And so goes the legend of Aarzak, The Last Hero!...

Category: Street Fighter

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Romset: 544 kb / 2 files / 318.07 zip