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Marvel Super Heroes (Euro 951024)

0.75 [?]

0.37b12 [Paul Leaman, Razoola, ElGuapo]

0.36b3 [?]


- I was playing around with MSH, when I noticed that on Hulk's stage (the gigantic merry-go-round) when you jump high enough for your character to end up behind the merry-go-round's "roof", the sprite masking will kick in and will mask the player's sprite out of the power bars and etc. I don't know if this is due to the raster effects not being emulated yet (or more sprite-priority issues), but it's certainly not what it should look like. This has been verified to happen on a real board. NeoGouki


- 0.80: Renamed clone (mshj) to (mshjr1). Added Marvel Super Heroes (Japan 951117).

- 0.75: Added Marvel Super Heroes (Euro 951024).

- 0.69u3: Razoola added clone Marvel Super Heroes (Brazil 951117).

- 22nd January 2003: Shiriru updated the CPS-2 driver again, fixing raster effects in Marvel Super Heroes and Giga Wing.

- 0.57: Added clone Marvel Super Heroes (Asia 951024).

- 25th December 2001: Razoola - Released XOR 74 for Marvel Super Heroes (Asia 951024) donated by Taucher0815.

- 25th July 2001: Razoola - Released XOR 48 for Marvel Super Heroes (Japan 951024) donated by walk.

- 22nd April 2001: Razoola - Released XOR 30 for Marvel Super Heroes (Hispanic 951117) donated by anonymous.

- 0.37b13: Replaced cpu2 rom ($28000) with new redump.

- 0.37b12: Added Marvel Super Heroes (US 951024) and clones (Hispanic) and (Japan 951024).

- 16th February 2001: Razoola - Released XOR 12 for Marvel Super Heroes (USA 951024) donated by ElGuapo.

- 0.37b8: Added clone Marvel Super Heroes (Japan 951024) (Testdriver).

- 0.36b3: Added Marvel Super Heroes (USA) (Testdriver).


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Category: Fighter (Special)

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Romset: 41216 kb / 20 files / 18.2 zip