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Mobile Suit Gundam

0.37b12 [Luca Elia, Guru]

0.37b1 [Luca Elia]


- 0.65: Added clone Mobile Suit Gundam (set 2).

- 9th January 2001: Guru added a new Mobile Suit Gundam romset to the Seta driver, and the game is very much playable.

- 0.37b1: Luca Elia added Mobile Suit Gundam (Banpresto 1993) (Testdriver).


- Haif a century had passed since overpopulation forced human being to leave the Earth for new homes in space. Hundreds of huge space colonies floated around the Earth, and artificial worlds had been built within their walls... In these second homes, people lived out their lives from birth to death. It's Year 0079 of the Space century. The space city furthest from the Earth, Side 3, decleared its independence as the Kingdom of Zion, and proclaimed a war against the Earth, Federation government. Over a month of fight half the population both Zion and the Federation had died. People were terrified...


Other Emulators:

* Raine

Category: Fighter (Special)

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Romset: 8192 kb / 7 files / 2.52 zip