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Mouja (Japan)

0.37b14 [Nicola Salmoria]

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- 0.102: Hau fixed player and opponents voices. Changed OKI6295 clock speed to 15625 Hz and changed sound1 rom to user1.

- 0.93: Replaced 4x ADPCM sound with OKI6295 (9375Hz).

- 0.84: Hau replaced MSM6295 sound with 4x ADPCM, changed YM2413 clock speed to 3579545 Hz and VSync to 58Hz.

- 1st March 2003: Big Lenny submitted a small fix to the dipswitches in Mouja.

- 15th May 2001: Guru - Purchased Mouja from a PCB shop in Japan with the help of Team Japump in February.

- 2nd April 2001: Nicola Salmoria improved performance in Mouja.

- 16th March 2001: Nicola Salmoria added Mouja to the Metro driver. Marco Cassili fixed dip switch in Mouja.

Romset: 5632 kb / 7 files / 1.20 zip