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Moto Frenzy

0.84 [Aaron Giles]

0.74u2 [?]


- Moto Frenzy runs on identical hardware to Space Lords. The GX2 system follows up the G42 system by swapping out the aging 68000 processor for a new 68EC020. Apart from that, the systems are basically identical. The known released GX2 games are Space Lords and Moto Frenzy. There was also an unreleased sequel to Road Riot 4WD called Road Riot's Revenge. These games are all protected with an unknown game-specific device that is used in varying ways game-to-game. In Space Lords, for example, it is used to munge the palette. The fact that you see mostly correct colors in the screenshots below means that I have done some work on getting things working, but it's far from being playable.


- 0.84: Aaron Giles added Moto Frenzy and clones (Field Test Version) and (Mini Deluxe Field Test Version).

- 0.77: Added proms ($0, 200, 400 - microcode for growth renderer). Fixed numbers of players and buttons.

Category: Motorbike

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Romset: 9922 kb / 27 files / 5.43 zip