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Moon War (prototype on Frenzy hardware)

0.111u1 [Lord Nightmare]


* Dump program roms


- 0.113: Added prom ($0 - address decoder/rom select).

- 0.111u5: Lord Nightmare fixed a minor problem with sound clipping in the s14001a. Aaron Giles added sound effects emulation to the Berzerk driver. Added Custom sound and removed samples (01-23.wav). Changed S14001A clock speed to 5MHz. Changed description to 'Moon War (prototype on Frenzy hardware)'.

- 0.111u4: Lord Nightmare, Kevtris and R. Belmont added preliminary emulation of the TSI S14001A speech synthesizer as found in Berzerk/Frenzy (and also Stern pinballs). Added S14001A sound to Moonwar.

- 0.111u1: Added Moonwar (prototype on Frenzy hardware) (Stern 1982). The original / prototype version of moon war appears to run on Frenzy hardware, however the only board found had been stripped for parts, leaving only the sound ROMs. The more common version of Moon War runs on modified Super Cobra (scobra.c) hardware and is often called 'Moon War 2' because it is the second version, and many of the PCBs are labeled as such.

Romset: 25 kb / 8 files / 3.8 zip