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Moon Quasar

0.07 [Nicola Salmoria, Mike Coates, Robert Anschuetz]


- 0.28: Merged mooncrst, moonqsr and scramble vidhrdw into the new 'galaxian.c' driver.

- 0.25: Robert Anschuetz provided infos about how to enable a shot sample with Moon Quasar, Moon Cresta, Galaxian and clones.

- 0.18: Nicola added some lousy noise to Moon Quasar.

- 0.15: Hiscore save in Moon Quasar.

- 0.12: Gary Walton confirms that the colors in Moon Cresta and Moon Quasar are 100% accurate. Very good!

- 0.09: Thanks to Gary Walton, Moon Quasar dipswitches now are correctly described in the dipswitch menu.

- 0.08: Added Moon Quasar (Nichibutsu 1980). Fixed graphics in Moon Quasar (yes it does run, but you need the correct ROMs). Only one sound channel is emulated, and I'm not sure it's correct. What do the dipswitches do?

- 0.07: Added some support for Moon Quasar, but it doesn't work. Since the ROMs are encrypted, Nicola don't know if this is due to wrong decryption, bad ROM, or wrong driver (I'm using the Moon Cresta one). Nicola think that either MQ3 (which maps at 1000-17ff) is bad, or it uses a different encryption. Thanks to Mike Coates for the information on the Moon Quasar encryption scheme.

Category: Galaxian

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Romset: 25 kb / 13 files / 16.5 zip