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0.59 [R. Belmont, Acho A. Tang]


- Moo: 54338 color blender support. Works fine with Bucky but needs a correct enable/disable bit in Moo. (intro gfx missing and fog blocking view). Enemies coming out of the jail cells in the last stage have wrong priority. Could be tile priority or the typical "small Z, big pri" sprite masking trick currently not supported by K053247_sprites_draw().

- Moo (bootleg): No sprites appear, and the game never enables '246 interrupts. Of course, they're using some copy of a '246 on FPGAs, so who knows what's going on...

- Bucky: Shadows sometimes have wrong priority. (unsupported priority modes). Gaps between zoomed sprites. (fraction round-off). Rogue sprites keep popping on screen after stage 2. They can usually be found near 950000 with sprite code around 5e40 or f400. The GFX viewer only shows blanks at 5e40, however. Are they invalid data from bad sprite ROMs or markers that aren't supposed to be displayed? These artifacts have one thing in common: they all have zero zcode. In fact no other sprites in Bucky seems to have zero zcode.

- Update: More garbages seen in later stages with a great variety. There's enough indication to assume Bucky simply ignores sprites with zero Z. I wonder why nobody reported this.


- Driver based on xexex.c by Olivier Galibert. Moo Mesa protection information thanks to ElSemi and OG.