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Momoko 120%

0.37b13 [Uki]

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- Momoko is at the lower base of an escalator. Normally, when you press up while standing on the illuminated square, you go up the escalator. Occasionally, when you press up (usually when running and shooting), even if you're at the base of the escalator (at its lower level), you go DOWN an "invisible" escalator! This really sucks if you're on the floor right above the flames, since it means instant death. From the source file, momoko.c: Real machine has some bugs.(escalator bug, sprite garbage) It is not emulation bug. Uki


- 18th March 2001: Uki added screen flip and fixed some dip switch settings in Momoko 120%.

- 16th March 2001: Marco Cassili fixed dip switch settings in Momoko 120%.

- 10th March 2001: Uki submitted a Momoko 120% driver.


Category: Action

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Romset: 441 kb / 19 files / 119 zip