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Mahjong If...? [BET]

0.74u2 [?]


- After setting the dip switch 3-6 to on, the auto mode for getting majong tiles after reached is enabled. When getting the first tile, it crashed with the following message: 43a6: unimplemented Read2_16 modes = 7 (see backtrace). mjifb0111u2red fitcat

DIP/Input Bugs:

- Usages of the unknown dip swithces: 3-2: enable/disable F-RATE, 3-4: enable/disable BYE-BYTE Bonus, 3-6: enable/disable Auto mode after reached, 3-7: on - Background blue, off - Background black, 4-3: 192 - disable Flip-flop, 212 - enable Flip-flop and 4-6: enable/disable Animation. mjifb0111u2gra fitcat


- 0.111u1: Luca Elia fixed Mahjong If - Game now playable. Replaced Z80 with TMP90841 (8MHz), fixed cpu1 rom loading and dipswitches, changed visible area to 256x240 and description to 'Mahjong If...? [BET]'.

- 0.74u2: Added Mahjong If [BET] (Japan) (Dynax 1990).

Romset: 641 kb / 8 files / 264.50 zip