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Mahjong Chuukanejyo (China)

0.98u2 [Luca Elia]

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- 0.98u2: Added Mahjong Chuukanejyo (China).

- 16th July 2005: Luca Elia - Mahjong Chuukanejyo is the first game dumped from the box that BNathan sent to Guru. A 1998 Mahjong game by Dynax, running on ddenlovr.c hardware. The CPU is a Z80. Most games from that box use a currently unemulated Toshiba processor (TMP91P640N) instead.

- 13th July 2005: Guru - Mahjong Chuukanejyo (Zhonghua Ernv in Chinese, Dynax 1995) received in a box with a pile of Dynax Mahjong games. Big thanks to BNathan for these.

Romset: 3328 kb / 8 files / 2.12 zip