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0.35RC1 [Paul Leaman, Mario Silva]

0.34b2 [Paul Leaman, Mario Silva]


- Understand what bits 0 and 3 of input port 0x05 are.

- Ball speed is erratic in Block Block. It was not like this at one point. This is probably related to interrupts and maybe to the above bits.


- All games run on the same hardware except mgakuen, which runs on an earlier version, without RAM banking, not encrypted (standard Z80) and without EEPROM. Other games that might run on this hardware: "Chi-toitsu"(YUGA 1988), Another version of "Mahjong Gakuen" and "MIRAGE Youjyu mahjong den" (MITCHELL 1994).

- Other games that might run on this hardware: "Chi-toitsu"(YUGA 1988) - another version of "Mahjong Gakuen" and "MIRAGE -Youjyu mahjong den-" (MITCHELL 1994).

- Super Pang has a protection which involves copying code stored in the EEPROM to RAM and execute it from there. The first time the game is run, you have to keep the player 1 start button pressed until the title screen appears. This forces the game to initialize the EEPROM, otherwise it will not work. This is simulated with a kluge in input_r. This doesn't work with spangj! The data written to EEPROM is wrong. This is currently fixed by patching the ROM data so the EEPROM is right. It would be better to just preload the correct EEPROM, without needing the input_r kludge.

- Monsters World is basically a bootleg of Mitchell's Super Pang. The code is a patched version of the current parent 'spang' set supported by MAME with many code changes and the majority of strings patched out. Super Pang is encrypted using the 'Kabuki' encryption system, so to decrypt the game decrypted code and decrypted data must be split. Monster World contains banks of decrypted data and decrypted code scrambled together in a single rom, using a GAL to decode the addresses on the actual PCB. There are several other changes from Super Pang too. Monsters World has no NVRAM / EEPROM, and has its own sound CPU driving only an OKI6925. Video RAM Banking has also been changed. The actual Monsters World PCB is very close to the Speed Spin PCB but in terms of emulation the video etc. is closer to mitchell.c.


- 0.111u5: Luigi30 fixed service key in the Mitchell driver.

- 0.84u5: AKIN changed MSM6295 clock speed to 7500 Hz and YM2413 to 4MHz.

- 27th January 2003: Smitdogg fixed the sound levels in the Mitchell driver.

- 0.61: Changed YM2413 clock speed to 3579545Hz.

- 15th December 2000: Michael Soderstrom fixed an incorrect function declaration in the Mitchell driver.

- 20th August 1999: Nicola added Dokaben to the Pang driver.

- 0.35RC1: Changed pang.c to mitchell.c driver.

- 5th June 1999: Nicola fixed the colors of Blue Print, and a Japan version of Cadillacs & Dinousaurs was added. Nicola also added Capcom World and Poker Ladies to the Pang driver.

- 12th May 1999: Nicola added Hatena no Dai-Bouken to the Pang driver.

- 0.34b2: Added pang.c driver.