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Major Havoc (rev 3)

0.30 [Mike Appolo]


- All games: Some graphics appear out of place. Check the position of the bricks near the bottom right corner of the screen in the between-stage bonus game. This isn't a new bug, and it may be known about, but no one I asked knew about it and I didn't see any driver notes about it. It happened in all the resolutions I tried as well. Updated in 0.111: Needs comfirmation on the real PCB. mhavoc057gre Smitdogg

- Since the rewrite, I've noticed a bug with mhavoc.c on the third level (space maze?). The normal green color of the vectors is not displaying correctly. Instead, the space maze vectors are flickering cyan, white, red, blue, and purple. The vectors should display a constant solid green. mhavoc0111u4gre ArcadeDude

Possible Bugs:

- Clone mhavocp: When I start a game and entered the ship I noticed strange behavior. One of your man just float. mhavocp097u3gre qapo


- 0.111u5: Mathis Rosenhauer added state saving to Major Havoc. Also fixed sparkling vectors so slowdowns and vector list overflows can be expected. It looks much nicer, though.

- 0.110u2: Mathis Rosenhauer added missing x-flipping support in Major Havoc.

- 0.109u2: Jess Askey connected TMS5220 speech support to the clone 'Major Havoc (Return to Vax)', added TMS5220 (555555 Hz) sound and changed manufacturer from 'hack' to 'JMA'.

- 0.108u5: Mathis Rosenhauer rewrote the Atari vector generators, using the schematics and actual state machine PROMs. The state machine is now emulated so timing should be much more realistic. Clipping hardware in bzone and others is emulated instead of hardcoded. Improved accuracy of clocks and various other bits of cleanup. Added prom ($0 - AVG PROM).

- 0.80: Alex Eddy fixed vector clipping in Major Havoc.

- 0.58: Added clones Alpha One (prototype, 3 lives) and (prototype, 5 lives). Changed palettesize from 256 to 32768 colors.

- 1st February 2002: Aaron Giles added another Alpha One prototype ROM set to the Major Havoc driver.

- 30th January 2002: Aaron Giles added better vector sparkle effect emulation as used in Major Havoc and Tempest.

- 25th January 2002: Aaron Giles also sent in a driver for Alpha One, a single-CPU prototype version of Major Havoc.

- 22nd April 2001: Bart Puype fixed Major Havoc from crashing in MAME32.

- 0.35RC1: Brad Oliver added clone Major Havoc (prototype).

- 2nd May 1999: Juergen Buchmueller modified Major Havoc music speed to be more correct.

- 0.31: Al Kossow fixed aspect ratio in Major Havoc. Aaron Giles and Bernd Wiebelt improved handling of vector games. Battlezone and Major Havoc now do correct clipping.

- 0.30: Mike Appolo added Major Havoc (Atari 1983) and clones (alternate version) and (Return to Vax).


- You are Major Havoc, the leader of a brave litter of clones. You are them, they are you, all from one, one from all, fighting for humanity... Eons ago the evil Vaxxian Empire overran the galaxy. Most of your ancestors were enslaved and taken to the Vaxxian homeworld of Maynard. Only a few scientists escaped. Today, their empire is all but vanished. Yet, Vaxxian space stations controlled and defended by robots, still patrol the galaxy and keep your people prisoner. The small band of scientists cloned you, Major Havoc to fly your catastrofighter through a wormhole in space and lead your clone army against the dreaded Vaxxian robot armada. Destroy the enemy space stations and land on the planet of Vaxx to free your people.


- Use tact scan for warping and information

- Destroy mothership defenses

- Land on white platform of defeated mothership

- In maze, find the reactoid and touch it

- Exit maze before reactoid blows up

- Hold jump button for higher jumps

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Romset: 121 kb / 9 files / 67.1 zip