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Boulder Dash (Max-A-Flex)

0.88u4 [Mariusz Wojcieszek]


- The digits don't display correctly (it was the same problem in 0.108u3) My layout/maxaflex.lay file : 2006.08.15 15:28 ... Aaron says: The pattern attribute was removed on purpose. Putting it back is the wrong fix. The maxaflex code needs to be changed to output the raw 7-segment data. I've already done that for the next release. Updated by stephh: I agree that some improvements have been made, but some bugs still remain for "empty" digits. Note that this bug affects the 4 games of the driver: mf_achas, mf_bdash, mf_brist, mf_flip. mf_bdash0108u4gre stephh / Aaron Giles


- 0.108u5: Aaron Giles added new output utilities: output_set_led_value(), output_set_digit_value() and output_set_lamp_value(), which are used to set a generic indexed data type. Changed the Max-A-Flex driver to use output_set_digit_value() for their digits. This fixed the digits in Boulder Dash (Max-A-Flex).

Category: Maze (Digging)

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Romset: 16 kb / 2 files / 9.06 zip