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Mayhem 2002

0.37b3 [Aaron Giles, Paul Leaman]

0.35RC1 [Paul Leaman]


- 0.37b3: Aaron Giles and Paul Leaman added Mayhem 2002 (Cinematronics 1985).

- 15th May 2000: Aaron Giles finally submitted the Leland driver first started by Paul Leaman, adding the following games: Cerberus, Mayhem 2002, World Series, Alley Master, Danger Zone, Baseball The Season II, Super Baseball Double Play Home Run Derby, Redline Racer, Quarterback, Strike Zone Baseball, Viper, John Elway's Team Quarterback, All American Football, Ironman Stewart's Super Off-Road, Ataxx, World Soccer Finals, Pigout and Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat.

- 0.35RC1: Paul Leaman added Mayhem 2002 (Cinematronics 1985) (Testdriver).


- You have reached the world Mayhem Federation Finals.

- Catching the ball scores 100 pts.

- Shooting the ball onto the flashing goal scores 1000 pts.

- In the event of a tie, one overtime period will be played.

- May the better opponent prevail!


Romset: 304 kb / 19 files / 86.2 zip