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0.105u5 [David Haywood]


- Why does RAM-M fail on first boot, Charles mentioned it can (randomly?) fail on real HW too, is it buggy code? Are the correct/incorrect samples when you answer a question meant to loop as they do? Video timing should be hooked up with MAME's new video timing system.

- Are the glitches on the startup screen in the Italian version caused by the original having a different internal program, or is it just a (bad) hack?

- This Can be converted to tilemaps very easily, but probably not worth it.

- Backup RAM enable / disable needs figuring out properly.


- The rom 'hd647180.bin' is a dump of the internal 16K ROM from the Master Boy CPU module, stamped with: "MASTER-BOY" - "REV- A" on the back. This is the Spanish version of the game.

- The MMU is hardly used, but the game does ensure the MMU registers are set up when an NMI occurs, so that needs to be emulated. Otherwise it jumps to address zero to force a reset.

- The EEPROM has a really weird write-protect, I think any access to it disables it so that you have to continuously write to the output port latch listed above for every read/write. The circuit for this is a total mess.