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0.75 [insideoutboy]


- In cocktail mopde p1 is flipped after inking the shark on the far right octi was moved to goal? for the colours, goal has to be black otherwise it would register qas a hit, is goal pen 0 or 6?

- Rom writes when finishing a game worth looking at before the collision is correct?

- Playing dot hit when eaten by a shark?

- Dont use any ints, s/b UINT8?

- Enemy sprite not disabled at end of game tilemap

- Palette may only be around 4 colours is 14 the palette? How do you know if you've got an ink left?

- Prom 14 is the top bits? 4 bpp? or so?

- Why is level 37 chosen?

- Should it be 30fps? Check other taito games of the time look at other taito 1981 games for ideas on the ports bking & jhunt?

- "Marine Deto" or "Marine Date" look in the roms for all the text

- Simplify gfx decode

- Wwhy does the player sprite need 4 colours? Check if more than 1 are used.

- Check service test ram wipes for confirmation of ram spots anything after trackball test?

- Obj1 to Obj2 draw order

- 2nd trackball

- Flip/cocktail issues