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Major Title 2 (World)

0.36b6 [Bryan McPhail]


- 0.110u3: Added clone Major Title 2 (Japan).

- 0.104u8: Fixed rom names.

- 0.96u3: Brian Troha fixed dipswitches in Major Title 2. Added dipswitch 'Joystick Configuration' and changed 'Control Panel' to 'Number of Joysticks'.

- 0.95u1: Brian Troha added dipswitches 'Control Panel', 'Deltronics Model', 'Difficulty', 'Ginen Holes/Match or Skins', 'Given Holes/Stroke Play', 'Ticket Dispenser', 'Points Per Ticket' and removed some 'Unknown' dipswitches.

- 0.74u2: Added 'Clear Data' dipswitch.

- 0.55: Changed V30 CPU2 from flags audio to normal V30.

- 0.53: Nicola Salmoria fixed colors in Major Title 2.

- 27th July 2001: Nicola Salmoria decrypted the sound CPU in In the Hunt, Major Title 2 and Perfect Soldiers. He also fixed the colors in Major Title 2.

- 0.37b8: Added V30 (14318180 Hz) CPU2, YM2151 and GA20 with 3579545 hz. Fixed gfx1 rom addresses.

- 0.36b6: Bryan McPhail added Major Title 2 (World) (Irem 1992) and clones 'The Irem Skins Game' (US set 1) and (US set 2). Irem Skins: Sprites & tiles written with bad colour values. EEPROM load/save not yet implemented - when done, MT2EEP should be removed from the ROM definition.

- 24th September 1999: Oliver Bergmann sent in a NEC V20, V30, V33 cpu core, and Bryan McPhail submitted an Irem M92 driver with support for Blade Master, Gunforce, Lethal Thunder, Hook, Undercover Cops, R-type Leo, Major Title 2 and In The Hunt, but none of the games have sound because of an encrypted sound CPU.


- Press Button 2 to navigate and move your stick to change club, direction, stance and power.

- Press Button 1 to shot (try to be in the middle of column)

Category: Golf

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Romset: 6788 kb / 21 files / 1.67 zip