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Magic Fly

0.106u11 [Roberto Fresca]


- 6th August 2006: Roberto Fresca - I found the bit that control the gfx banks. Based on this, I hooked the first graphics layer... After looked carefully to the rest of layers, I noticed that they are different bitplanes of 3bpp tiles instead of some kind of animation that I originally thought. Colors are still wrong, but the graphics are properly banked / decoded.

- 27th July 2006: Roberto Fresca - Fixed the NMI / vblank stuff. Now the magicfly attract/intro works. Also confirmed the MC6845 mapped to $0800 - $0801. A piece of code initialize it writing to its registers. Analyzing the writes, I fixed the screen size and visible area. Now the aspect when render to 4:3 looks better. Input port at $2800: Code accept only bits 4, 6 & 7 as valid. If another bit is activated, will produce an I/O error. Lowered the CPU clock a bit. The text scroll in magicfly attract looks so fast with the former value. Resuming, the new changes are: Figured out the MC6845 (mapped at $0800-$0801). Fixed the screen size based on MC6845 registers. Fixed the visible area based on MC6845 registers. Fixed gfx rom region. Solved the NMI/vblank issue. Now attract works. Changed CPU clock to 625khz. (text scroll looks so fast with the former value). Added new findings to the technical notes. Added version/revision number to magicfly. Marked magicfly PAL as NO_DUMP (read protected). Added flags GAME_IMPERFECT_GRAPHICS and GAME_WRONG_COLORS. A lot of things remaining. gfx banks, colors, inputs, sound, the mysterious $3000 writes. How close and how far...

- 0.107: Changed M6502 CPU1 clock speed to 833333 Hz.

- 11th July 2006: Roberto Fresca - I made some improvements to the Magic Fly driver. Fixed the total number of chars to decode by rom. This allowed me to fix the graphics offset for the text layer and adjust the gfx rom region bounds properly. Just for testing purposes I tried a little hack to bypass some checks, and finally the game showed me something.

- 0.106u11: Added Magic Fly (P&A Games 198?).

- 8th July 2006: Roberto Fresca - I decided to take a look to an old preliminary driver I started some time ago. This one is for "Magic Fly" and "7 e Mezzo", running in the same 6502 based hardware. Both games aren't working yet, but at least they initialize video and color ram. There are lot of things to do and fix, but today I submitted the driver "as is" to put the stuff "in a safe place".

Romset: 41 kb / 5 files / 6.49 zip